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Nvidia Jetson – the powerful brain for Mobile Robots

Nvidia Jetson is a powerful new open-source AI robot platform that gives you everything you need to build an AI-powered device, have fun by playing games or get to understand the creative AI application. The Jetson Nano AI computer is powered by small but powerful software. As a technology enthusiast student or a developer, you can create your AI projects with an advanced Jetson Ai ROBOT KIT. With the world’s most potent and efficient artificial intelligence in robotics, the Jetson platform offers the ultimate ability for data scientists, creators, developers, and researchers to build autonomous robots as well as machine learning-powered applications.

Keep reading to know more about this powerful new platform for next-generation AI and machine learning that is transforming how the world learns and works with the help of advanced AI software.

Develop your AI-driven mobile devices

Are you a developer looking forward to creating new AI-enabled products? The Jetson Nano is a powerful AI-driven computer designed to power AI devices and applications. It will enable you to get started quickly on your projects using the comprehensive Nvidia jetpack that comes with an advanced library for computer vision, deep learning, multimedia, and graphics, among others. This Jetson Nano Developer Kit helps you to take advantage of ecosystem-sensitive platforms.

Jumpstart your AI project.

The Jetson Nano Developer helps you discover the incredible power of robotics and AI. The key to getting started is learning by doing, and that is why these kits are the most ideal for learning new and advanced AI concepts. You will come across some of the best machine learning frameworks from our open-source projects.

Learn the power of AI and robots

Built on the world’s most advanced 7-nanometer chip, artificial intelligence, and deep learning infrastructures, thus making it the most advanced mobile AI platform. As the first AI-powered supercomputer, it enables homeowners to accomplish incredible tasks easily.

The Jetson is built on a popular company CUDA platform bringing the best in high-end desktop and portable computers. This enables users to enjoy the benefits of AI without the high cost or the commitment of a desktop computer. The jetson is designed to help users achieve their creative and professional goals, making it the first platform to democratize AI. For instance, you can now use this technology to edit your images and videos easily.

It can help you design and create custom robots.

If you’re looking forward to building a robot that can perform specific tasks and drones that you can use for your day-to-day tasks, such as picking your goodies from the store or moving some household items, consider owning the Nvidia AI computer. Moreover, it is designed to help you achieve your creative and professional goals, making it the first platform to democratize AI truly. It has also unleashed the power of AI with video editing. Besides, mobile robots are quickly becoming a key differentiator in the marketplace, and Nvidia is at the forefront of this revolution. It is the world’s first AI-powered supercomputer for the home and the first platform to deliver the power of desktop-class AI without the high cost or the commitment of a desktop.

Do you know that autonomous robots are rapidly becoming a key differentiator in the marketplace? But building an autonomous robot or a drone is a big financial and technical challenge. That’s why Nvidia created this AI-powered computer to democratize AI.

Is it worth investing in an Nvidia Nano CPU?

Yes, this Nvidia s new, super-small and super-powerful Jetson nano is the first computing platform to bring AI to the edge. It’s the perfect way to get started in deep learning, especially if you’re a developer aiming to build the coming generation of AI-powered apps.

The Jetson nano is designed to handle the most demanding edge computing applications and the most demanding deep learning workloads. It’s the most powerful, energy-efficient, and programmable AI platform on the planet.

The Jetson developer board is the leading AI supercomputer running on a single board. It is the world’s leading AI, especially due to its exceptional- performance supported by its 16-thread and 8-core CPU. Jetson nano also uses the most advanced deep learning computing architecture that can help deliver up to 5 times faster training performance than the previous generation. The Kit is fully functional and a developer and user-based computing application. This helps in lowering the cost of developing and running high-performance AI applications.

What makes a Jetson computer so unique?

The Jetson is a tiny, powerful computer about the size of a deck of cards. It comes with Bluetooth and built-in Wi-Fi connection features, thus making it the easiest to use a computer.

The Jetson is a super-powerful, light-weight, portable, high-performance computer that can be transformed into a kiosk, digital sign, or small digital appliance for maximum impact.

It’s built for the always-on digital experience. The Jetson is powered by Nvidia’s latest graphics technology, the Maxwell architecture. Moreover, it includes a large high-resolution screen in small spaces that make it easy to create immersive digital experiences. The large screen also displays data and short videos on a joint screen. You can use it alone or together with your friends and also it can be easily moved from one area to another. Its display surface area doesn’t take up much of your precious space, thus making it an ideal teaching gear for professionals who need a portable display from one meeting room to the next meeting room, or the team members can easily share it.

It has a unique compact design that delivers impressive performance and power efficiency while saving space and money.

It’s a 2.8-inch thin computer that can fit any robot, and it’s powered by a mobile-class Nvidia quad-core processor and delivers up to five times the performance of the same architecture in the current PCs. With a Jetson, you can now build the best AI-powered mobile robots.